This is a promo video for the MAGUSS GAME APP, for which I did the postproduction. Also, I contributed with the two 360 shots, min 00:23 to 00:28, as it was a suitable fantasy world transition. For that, I had to shoot the 360 on location and include it to the edit.

Low budget, tied schedule, plenty of testing + including assets onto the rushes to help tell the story. Worked with a great team, who we all gave our all.

© 2017 Maguss


La Ballena Verde is the unique and best pub in Zahara de los Atunes (Cadiz/Spain) because of the excellent people that runs it, because of every song they play and concerts they organise, because of its location and its views, because of the people ambiance, its terrace and the summer temperature, because of the art all over the place- Pepe’s paintings, the tables’ drawings, the whale sculpture and plenty pretty little details everywhere- because its green…

One afternoon I shot their daily opening ritual. I chose this song because I like it but mainly because while shooting it started to play.

I think this is the first (random) video project I shoot and edited myself.

©JulianaSoup 2014


This was my second improvised video project. One morning, my friend Adolfo took me for a ride on his amazing motorbike. Starting from the church of Nuestra Señora de la Merced, going through the old part of the town and finishing at the incredible overlook to enjoy the view of El Tajo (New Bridge) of Ronda.

©JulianaSoup 2014


This video was shot in Ronda, at a vulture trough. We went with a friend who owns the hut from which we were shooting, we brought tones of meat and spread it on the floor. Lunch was ready. We waited for sometime… But of course, before the food got cold, they sat on the table.

The title is in honour of the Spanish gossip T.V. program with that name “Sálvame Deluxe”, where the only purpose is to, shamelessly, interfere and damage people’s life.

©JulianaSoup 2014


Costa Rica. I survived. The driver could make it even with closed eyes.

©JulianaSoup 2015


I have that habit, wherever I go, I put on my headphones. So, typical coincidence, I was listening to Daft Punk when I stood in front of the fountain and the water illumination was turning on and off with the same rhythm of the song. So, I shoot the fountain and later on I added the song to give proof of this almost impossible happening.

©JulianaSoup 2015

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