This is a pixel artwork I made for San Fermín 2014. I was inspired by Space Invaders, and created 15 typical characters you can easily find during this festival at the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. For each character I wrote a description of their personality, and I translated it from Spanish to English and French. Eventually, animated videos for each character were created, which you can see below.


CHARACTERS (links for the animated videos) 

Nice ones, absent-minded ones, pioneers, internationals… the running (of the bulls) is one of the most selected parades of the human species. We have pictured its most singular characters in this TheStarfetos’ dynasty. Getting to know their deep psychology and their customs will be of great use for you in Sanfermín.



PTV (Pamplona de Today la Vida/ Pamplona Since Forever), Jatorra (nice), Fermintxo runs because tradition pushes him to do so, it’s in his blood, like Patxaran, that sloe juice which occasionally flows through his veins.

2 CURIUS.png

Passive Encierro runner. Navarro veteran who knows the dead points of the tour to watch the show from the inside. Of course, with one thousand eyes.

3 KROAK.png

Originally from the very south of Navarra. He gets hold of the bull’s horn, he slaps it, he stretches his tail… In return, he gets the well-aimed blows of the shepherds’ sticks and at times a goring.

4 JUMPIX.png

Coming from unknown origin. He seems to know a lot about the running of the bull. He cannot stop jumping all over the place trying to see the bulls’ arrival, but when he tries to join them, the have already crossed, sometimes over him.


Absent-minded Finnish guy who doesn’t know how on earth he has ended up in Sanfermín and even less what he’s doing inside the running tour. If a pile of people is created, he is certainly underneath.


6 REBOLU.png

Anti System buddy who, when seeing an outcry, he mixes up the Encierro with an anti-globalization protest. He sometimes gets involved in a stone-throwing fight with the tame bullocks.



 Citizen of the Fiesta who has the bad habit of entering drunk in the bull running and gives the police the slip. He is of great danger to the rest of the runners. However, he always survives.


Yank, most loyal Hemingway follower who lives “La Fiesta” to the letter: he runs along Santo Domingo dressed up in red sash, a newspaper, and a cap! He uses wineskin for drinking wine, eats churros from La Mañueta and writes his own best seller seating in the terrace of Café Iruña.


9 KILIKA.png

Born in Irún, adopted by the city woman that belongs any of the Sanfermín social groups called “peñas”. She runs de Encierro every day and after that, she becomes a “Kiliki”. She would by no means miss out a bullfighting afternoon in the sun or any cultural activity during the day.


Curious girl, discrete, solitary and “very high” positioned, she comes from the coast. Sometimes she appears inside the bull running by mistake and thinks she is in a buffalo stampede in Africa or that she is in a Olympics’ film.


Pamplonica, serious, married forever, with half a dozen kids, with a serious attitude and traditional lifestyle… Dressed up in tie all year long. From 6th to 14th July he lets his hair down, loses his cool temper and ends up with his head under a tame bullock in the Encierro.

Universal character perpetually present in the tour. If it looks at you, not even the cape of San Fermín will save you. She chooses her victims, unless they are entertaining themselves in the fairground.
13 DIVINER.png

The Encierro is his marriage, his life, his philosophy, his reason for living. He wears his body out in the gym. During the Fiesta he only drinks grape juice (mosto) and eats pasta. He is so FIT that even bulls try to avoid him.


He comes every single year to Sanfermín from Iparralde (French Basque Country), only at the weekends. After being stuck to a bar all night, he fights with his friends. After that he does the running of the bulls as if it was a rugby match.


15 KAPUT.png

Cool and fun Australian guy that comes to Sanfermín with a tourist pack. He trains how to run the Encierro jumping off Navarrería fountain. He ends up in the Skull Bull’s nets, hanging from Mudrículo’s horn.




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