Borderline – VR Short Film

In charge of the 360 stitching postproduction. A short VR drama, based on real events by Assaf Machnes. Official selection: Venice Int Film Festival – Biennale 2018 VR competition, Festival Du Nouveau Cinema’s Montreal, Adelaide Film Festival, Haifa Int Film festival and more. Link: SYNOPSIS Abraham, a young Israeli soldier, Jewish of Ethiopian origins, is guarding theContinue reading “Borderline – VR Short Film”


This is a promo video for the MAGUSS GAME APP, for which I did the postproduction. Also, I contributed with the two 360 shots, min 00:23 to 00:28, as it was a suitable fantasy world transition. For that, I had to shoot the 360 on location and include it to the edit. Low budget, tied schedule,Continue reading “MAGUSS PROMO VIDEO”

‘Poor Me Planet’ / ‘Planeta Pobre de Mi’

This weekend I was visiting my home town, and while walking by Plaza del Castillo I came across one of my 360 photographs. This photograph was for San Fermin 2016 photography competition. The very well known ‘Chupinazo’ marks the beginning of San Fermin Festival of Pamplona, BUT the ‘Pobre de Mi’ (‘Poor Me’) indicates theContinue reading “‘Poor Me Planet’ / ‘Planeta Pobre de Mi’”


This is a 360 Christmas Greetings Video we made at work last year. Remembering that day we spent buying the costumes, shooting and editing the video, and overall, pissing ourselves laughing, is worth the effort. Best wishes to everyone. Shot in Pamplona, Spain. Camera: Izugar z2x.