Cacacacasual Hat

How to wear a casual hat? ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○


This is a promo video for the MAGUSS GAME APP, for which I did the postproduction. Also, I contributed with the two 360 shots, min 00:23 to 00:28, as it was a suitable fantasy world transition. For that, I had to shoot the 360 on location and include it to the edit.

Low budget, tied schedule, plenty of testing + including assets onto the rushes to help tell the story. Worked with a lovely team, who we all gave our all.

Personally, I wouldn’t call it a “fan-made” video. It’s a PROMO video.


‘Poor Me Planet’ / ‘Planeta Pobre de Mi’

This weekend I was visiting my home town, and while walking by Plaza del Castillo I came across one of my 360 photographs. This photograph was for San Fermin 2016 photography competition.

The very well known ‘Chupinazo’ marks the beginning of San Fermin Festival of Pamplona, BUT the ‘Pobre de Mi’ (‘Poor Me’) indicates the end of this unique festivity which fills Pamplona up with people from all over the globe, bulls and music.

At ‘Poor Me’ people gather in front of Pamplona’s Town Hall minutes before and after 12a.m. on 14th July to sing the traditional song: “Poor me, poor me, because the San Fermín festivity has ended”. After 12a.m. the crowd takes their red ‘pañuelico’ (kerchief) off their neck and wave it while singing.

On this competition, I was finalist not winner. Poor me that did not win. Please, check out the winners 2016.

Special thanks to Mikel Muruzabal.



In a (hazel)nutshell, there has always been and always will be things, creatures and happenings that deviates from the standard, but that’s also the ordinary, the thing is that when it happens for the first (or millionth) time, nobody is yet prepared.

Photo w my Samsung S6.

Real conjoined hazelnut twins. Background is my blue notebook. Ta-daaaah!



The thing is, how difficult sometimes is to choose a photograph out of the other similar 200 snaps that you’ve taken.

Here an example. I like the four snapshots I took this morning 8 a.m., well, I actually took many more but the semifinal choice are these four. Each one has same views but told differently, using different words, sounds and feelings. So, sometimes, the nuances between pictures are a pain in the ass. It’s a challenge. First you like A, then you like C, then Z, but you upload C and you realize that the one that really represents you and your message is A.

Photo with Canon 80D