Film editor and 360º filmmaker based in London.

I started experimenting with conventional video and 360º technology in 2014. Then worked for 3 years for Opabinia Films, a 360º production company in Spain as camera operator, stitcher and editor.

In 2018, I completed an MA in Film Post Production at Met Film School in London, for which I created, directed and post produced, together with a small team of collaborators, a fiction short film in virtual reality called The Vox for the MA Graduation project. At the same time to the studies, I freelanced as 360º filmmaker for VR production company, Gate Reality, and I post produced my first professional short film, Hitman, for which I was responsible for editing, color correction, grading, and graphics.

Currently accepting work within both conventional film editing and 360° productions, and interested in working on a variety of different projects with filmmakers and companies that share his passion for film.

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Here is the trailer of The Vox, my first VR short film.